Atliens! We are here. This great city is about to turn its colors and its time for you to do the same.  Now summer isn't completely gone and the fun isn't quite over, so the highlights aren't leaving us yet, however they are being toned down with low lights and transmuted into honeys and strawberry tones for the fall. 

For those of you that want to take this a little further, Bronde is a new thing.  I'm not saying that Ombre is going anywhere, but Bronde's presence is strong this year. What I've noticed is a strong presence of your base color with subtle hues of a highlight (here are the honeys) showing in shimmering fashion. 

Another form of the "bronde" is a style that is becoming popular is Tortoiseshell Hair. What I've read is that this is a general blend of Ombre and Sombre. Atlanta we have enough stars around here to see this up close and personal should you run into them. Its a color style that add dimension showing roots and is easily kept. Touch up time is generally 8 weeks and even longer depending on your stylist and care. 

Copper is Gold! Period. You can mix them add dimension, volume can even appear with the right stylist. Add a few highlights or go full on to soften your entire look. Allow me to refer back to the strawberry copper movement that I mentioned earlier. When I say that this is a movement it is. You can dress it up or rag it out for an alternative fashion easy weekend. 

Buttery Blonde is another way to soften those highlights or when you have just been in the sun entirely too long.  The mellow yellow brings warmth for the cooling weather and is a great response to the changing of the leaves.

These are simply a few trends that I'm seeing that are super hot for this fall. There are many more available for you on line. The biggest importance is your originality and doing what works best for you. Its okay to take on a new look or style. Give us a call to schedule a consultation, we will make sure that we give you the perfect color for your individual style.