If you read this blog, you will see that I write about Atlanta a lot. What can I tell you? I was born and raised in our fair city and lets just face it, you wouldn't be on this site reading this if you weren't either currently in Atlanta, or coming.  Atlanta has a lot of weather issues that demand attention so that you can wear your best head of hair, let's be honest, Atlanta is one of the most sought after places in the nation. People want to look their best all the time. We have developed a stylish culture, and we create trends that suite our individuality, as well as hit the mainstream and speak for multiple generations. 

One of the largest and most satisfying trends that I have seen come back is the natural hair movement. AND IT IS A MOVEMENT. There are diverse nationalities of people with all different types and textures of hair that have done away with extensions, relaxers, straightening systems and the like. Pop culture calls for it, the carefree embrace it,  and the professional world is more accepting of the individuality of the people that make their business work. 

As I write this, it calls to mind that in order for this to work, you have to know what works for you. What is the proper way to care for your natural state of hair no matter the length?Conditioning, styling, how can you change it up? You have to get in touch with your hair type  in order to be able to answer all of these things that arise. 

Hair classification systems range from straight, fine hair, to kinky thick hair. Knowing your hair type can help you determine what it is that you can and can't do, and what will look best on you as far as your personal style is concerned. 

Types of Hair

2A Wavy- this is a light and fine curl pattern that is easily manageable. Think of a light "s". Styling is usually pretty easy and you should stick with a light to medium hol depending on the style that you are going for.

2B Wav- this is a pattern that is a bit more of a proper "s" pattern. There will be more frizz and it sticks closer to the head. Not very good when it comes to styling. You should probably use a medium hold mousse or hairspray/gel when styling with this hair type. 

2C Wavy- this is a thicker and courser hair type. It does not like being styled at all and the frizz is on high. There is usually (with most people with this hair type)  and underlayer of straight to ringlet like hair with this curl pattern.  When styling you are going to want to use a firm gel to make sure that the product isn't worn off

3A Curl- these are your big loopy/springy curls. Easily straightened, this hair type is also very affected by the environment. Here in Atlanta, there will be a definite change in your style. Alot of people like this hair type to show off those curls! use curl defining cremes for this result or to haintain your straight look make sure that you are using a good conditioner and a medium hairspray at the least. 

3B Curl- This hair type is a springy curl. They can range from that springy to a tight ringlet. Not as style friendly, and hard to straighten, but these things can still be done. For styling you should use a creme or a gel to define curls and manage. 

3C Curl- Thick and course, this hair type is one that can be straightened with some work, but it isn't as friendly as the other type 3 curls. Your curls sit off of the head and are great for a wild rebellious look. Use products that are high in hold, gives definition and use a good conditioner. use olaplex if you are coloring because these curls don't hold moisture as well so it is easily damaged. Condition as often as possible. 

4A Coil- This hair pattern has a tight coil with a definitive "s" pattern. It can be wiry or fine, but its very dense. Because of its layering (there's less) it is more prone to damage. It's summer time in Atlanta and the sun is hot. If you are constantly in this heat or you work out alot, make sure that you wash with a conditioning cleanser (or Co-Wash) for regular use. You don't want to strip out you natural oils. I suggest that you do a deep cleanse at least once a week to make sure that you are cleaning the build up and dirt, but daily maintenance and cleaning should be done with a co-wash. Deep Condition as often as possible, or you can use natural Jojoba Oil, which is the closest thing to sebum to prevent breakage and naturally scrape away build up. 

4B Coil- this has a tighter curl pattern than 4A. It is known to shrink and can do so up to 3/4 of its length, so it can be tricky to cut or style so be sure to guide your stylist if they don't know your hair already. Co-washing is a must. Deep conditioning with a masque or a cream will be your best answer for moisture. 

4C Coil-This is generally the most course, although this curl pattern CAN be baby soft and thin. Its a very dense curl pattern and mostly lacks definition due to the tightness of the curls. Care is basically the same as with 4B. Deep conditioning treatments are always a good idea. 


So there you have it! With Atlanta being a very fashion forward city and the natural hair movement thriving, its so important that when you are getting your hair cut, colored, styled, straightened, locked. braided, or if you are are just flying free and 'froed out, proper care and maintenance is key to healthy natural hair. With the tips provided above, you will be able to withstand this Atlanta heat.